Endotherm Thermometer for Refrigerators and Freezers

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EndoTherm is a unique refrigeration / freezer thermometer, immersed in a food safe gel, encapsulated in a sealed plastic tube.

This thermometer provides an accurate reading of what’s going on inside your refrigerated product, as opposed to what the air around that product is doing.

Air temperature varies in refrigeration units, especially ones that are opened and closed on a regular basis, like display cases or prep tables. A thermometer that only measure air temp is affected by how air is moving around the unit, and, especially if it’s at the back, away from the door, it could be reading colder than the food product sitting by the constantly opening door. This could affect food safety, since it’s possible to have food sitting in the danger zone even though the air temp thermometer is saying everything is fine.

You might also have the opposite problem: you are running the unit too cold. Again, airflow varies in any refrigeration unit and that can affect the air temp thermometer. Warmer air coming in from the opened and closed door might be bumping your thermometer up a degree or two, causing you to turn the thermostat down to keep everything below 40 degrees. And it’s possible that your food product is sitting at a very comfortable 35 degrees or so, unaffected by those little blasts of warm air.
You may be able to turn the thermostat up and still maintain good food safety. And every degree you turn up translates into an 8% savings on the energy usage for that unit.


• Plastic tube (crystal styrene (foodgrade))

• Plate (polystyrene (foodgrade))

• Cap (acrylonitrile-styrene copolymer SAN (food grade))

• Liquid (.06ml Kerbane mixed with Carburex red dye) in Glass Prism Thermometer batch tested at 10°C to +/- 1°C at an AQL of 2.5%. Range -40°C to +40°C.

• Length 15.5 cm Width: 2.8 cm diameter 3mm, weight 2 g