Endocube Thermostat and compressor regulator

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  • Retrofits any type of commercial refrigeration or freezer
    EC 101 for small reach-in coolers
    EC 102 Canadian common size
    EC 103 US common size

    The EndoCube is an NSF International Certified food simulant contained in an enclosure that fits over the thermostat probe on a refrigerator or freezer allowing you to reduce your refrigeration energy costs.

    This device simply mimics food temperature and warms up slightly quicker than the food itself. The result is that the condenser will run when the EndoCube simulant warms and not when the door is opened and air temperature changes, a far more accurate measurement. This more accurate and stable temperature causes the compressor to run fewer, but much longer cycles. These longer cycles allow refrigerated food to cool for a longer period of time with a wider ‘cooled air’ effect, creating a far more efficient cooling system.  

    Air temperature varies in refrigeration units, especially ones that are opened and closed on a regular basis, like display cases or prep tables. A thermometer that only measure air temp is affected by how air is moving around the unit, and, especially if it’s at the back, away from the door, it could be reading colder than the food product sitting by the constantly opening door. Warmer air coming in from the opened and closed door might be bumping your thermometer up a degree or two, causing you to turn the thermostat down. With accurate food temperatures provided by the EndoCube, you may be able to turn the thermostat up and still maintain good food safety. And every degree you turn up translates into an 8% savings on the energy usage for that unit.

    • significant kilowatt energy savings
    • reduced run times of the compressor
    • a major cut in compressor starts
    • an increase in refrigeration performance
    • improved quality of refrigerated products as the air circulation is more stable
    • generates less noise
    • Limits the wear on the compressor
    • Increase the lifespan of your refrigeration equipment
    • No ongoing maintenance, monthly or yearly fees
    • Provide your customers great quality and fresher produce
    • Reduce servicing/repair costs to your equipment
    • Increase your bottom line profits by reducing utility costs
    • 15 minute installation with no downtime