Sure Seal – Waterless Floor Drain Trap Sealer

The SureSeal Inline Floor Drain Trap Sealer is the green solution for replacing failed trap primers and quickly and easily solving problem associated with drains.

Sure Seal eliminates the need for expensive trap primers yet blocks the emission of noxious sewer gases from backing-up into living or work areas. It is very cost effective, and much simpler to maintain than a tradition water trap primer – providing the ultimate flexibility in design, placement, and maintenance of floor drains in nearly all applications.

Health & Safety

  • SureSeal protects against the spread of dangerous bacteria like Salmonella and deadly infectious diseases like SARS which are believed to be caused/spread by sewer gases
  • Resistant to lime scale and microbiological growth

The SureSeal Inline Trap Sealer solves the problems of infrequently used drains by eliminating the need for a trap primer while preventing the emission of sewer gases from backing-up into living or work areas. It is much less expensive, much more effective, and much simpler to maintain than a trap primer.

Cost Savings

  • Initial cost plus installation is much less expensive than alternative solutions
  • Eliminates the need for complex, time consuming, and expensive repairs when trap primers fail. (No walls or floors to tear up to access the problem.)

Eco-friendly - Saves Water

  • Reduces use of potable water – lowering water bills
  • Reduces flow of water through sewage treatment systems increasing existing plant capacity


The Sure Seal should be utilized where a trap primer has failed or where a trap primer does not exist.

  • New Construction: Used in floor drains to provide added protection against escaping sewer gases. Eliminates the need to repair/replace trap primers when they fail.
  • Retrofit: Used in situations where trap primers have failed or where trap primers were never installed.

The Sure Seal floor drain trap sealer can be used with all 2”, 3”, and 4” floor drains and in 3 ½” & 4” floor drain strainers. Applications include: shower drains, outdoor drains, basement drains, water heater drains, HVAC condensation drains, maintenance areas, floor/mop sinks, residential bathrooms, under kitchen sinks and in laundry rooms. Stop your floor drain odor and shower drain smell problems with Sure Seal drain trap protection.

SureSeal Installation

  • It eliminates the time and effort of installing trap primers
  • Eliminates the requirement to consider or specify a trap primer
  • None of the headaches or problems associates with traditional trap primers

Product Options

Price: from $39.95


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