About Energize Corp

Energize Corp is a Commercial energy broker providing energy and energy saving products to businesses in deregulated markets with Natural Gas and Electricity priced through Superior Energy.  Superior Energy is licensed to sell electricity and gas in Ontario, gas in Quebec and British Columbia and electricity in Pennsylvania and New York with continued growth in deregulated markets.  Energizecorp works as a broker on behalf of the customer direct to Superior Energy’s business development team, streamlining the process for business customers and producing “Superior” results!

We also search for complementary product and service offerings that our customers may also find of interest and we oversee the customer service end to ensure our business clients are properly looked after.  Our reputation is our best asset and we aim to be a trusted source for energy products and information.


Our goal is to make a difference in the marketplace by:

  • creating a positive experience for the customer
  • providing exceptional customer service
  • being respectful of your time
  • providing value added options including Air Miles bonus rewards that enhance the overall benefits for all sizes of businesses.
  • providing informed and courteous follow up calls and email information
  • co-ordinating quick follow up of important issues
  • helping your business improve its competitive edge.

  • We do the legwork for your business and simplify the process to find the best energy products and rates, providing you with products many businesses were not aware of or may not have been offered in the past due to volume restrictions. We further specialize in multiple location accounts where we aggregate volumes for optimal pricing options you otherwise would be missing out on, and put your buying power to work for you!

    As a broker we seek new business opportunities and act as a facilitator between the customer and supplier, assessing your needs and recommending solutions that best serve your individual business energy needs. We feel strongly that when you put the customer first and develop a program that truly works for them, a happy customer becomes a loyal long term customer and is our best form of advertising!


    An Innovative Approach to Energy

    Frequently we have found businesses will hesitate or avoid energy programs altogether because of having heard of or personally gone through a negative experience either at home or in business. Often they were taken advantage of by a system whose incentive was not to look after the customer but rather themselves. The energy industry has undergone many changes to correct issues that resulted since the early phases of deregulation and unfortunately many of their customers went through the very negative experience of paying out penalties to break past agreements. If you are still subject to higher rates than the current market rates, Energize Corp. will help you assess your options and in many cases help with payment of your penalties to provide a better solution.
    Through Superior Energy we have developed a series of products to help take away the risk to the customer and simplify the decision process by allowing a customer to see the hedge working for them prior to making any long term commitment. In fact you can remain short term as long as you wish. We do not use sales pressure to force you into something quickly and without proper due diligence, in fact quite the opposite. We want you to understand what we can do for you and have your questions satisfied first. You can then “test drive” one of our options and once comfortable you can always add a longer term program when you are ready, when the market and your business situation make the timing work in your favour.

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