At Energizecorp we are interested in advancing ideas and products that benefit our customers and help them find the latest energy saving alternatives that may further reduce their overhead and the impact they have on the environment…making a difference!

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building towards a sustainable future in Energy related services while paying Air Miles rewards on day to day services you likely take for granted!


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Natural Gas

From M3 to GJ, we help you get to the bottom of your total gas price with delivery costs and recommend the right hedge from 1-5 years and sometimes recommend that you hold off for a while. Each term has it’s merits but making a decision can often be confusing and overwhelming especially with the more you have at stake.
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Energizecorp will provide you with valuable alternatives that can help improve your bottom line from our monthly risk free Index to Blocks, with short or long term hedging.  Options range from a fixed rate for 100% of your power down to 20%, seasonal or year round, and any term from yearly to 5 years or monthly and even a fixed number of months!
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Here you will find innovations we feel will benefit our customers whether large or small energy users, we all know every bit of energy and water savings can add up collectively and will in turn be kinder to our environment.
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Are you on a contract but unsure if your rate is competitive and offers the best discount in line with your volumes? We will provide you with a no obligation assessment of your energy spend just click the “i” to the left for more information. Does your energy bill have regular or seasonal fluctuations, are you renewing your lease, moving, selling, or close to retirement – we consider your best options and help you keep on track with the right timing and terms for risk management products.


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